Just a heads up...

T.J. McInnis will be doing a few guest spots from time to time here at Bound for Glory Tattoo.

He will be here the 29th and 30th of January 2012.

Make an appointment with him now and don't miss out...

Check him out here:

Upcoming stuff

Nick will be working a few days at our buddy Richie Clarke's shop in Liverpool, England
email them for appointments

After that, he's heading to work at the Milan Tattoo Convention in Italy.
You can email us for all appointment info. Thanks!

Pope Palpatine by Nick Caruso

Yup. Spitting image.

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New work by NICK CARUSO

Merry Christmas to all our good friends and customers, thank you for all your support and loyalty thoughout the year, we'll see you in 2012......
Painting by mike bee

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Tattoo by mike bee

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Painting by mike bee

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Boxer girls by Nick Caruso

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Dan Smith Guestspot

Dan Smith from High Voltage Tattoo (TV's LA Ink) will be guesting with us next year. Dates to be confirmed for sometime in the Spring! For information on how to book an appointment with Dan please call Dale in the shop on 061 409439.. Don't miss out on this very rare opportunity to get a piece from one of tattooings most sought after artists!!! Thank you!

Nick Caruso

In progress..

Gift cards available

From now until Christmas, we will add $25 to any gift card amount over $100! Just come by and mention this...
Happy holidays from the crew at Bound For Glory!

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Nick Caruso

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Kris Magnotti Guestspot

Kris Magnotti from DaVinci Tattoo Long Island/New York Adorned will be with us here at Allstar from January 30th to February 2nd, this is a great opportunity to get tattooed by a fantastic artist with a versatile style, for appointments and info call or e-mail the shop. +353 61 409439 /

Maori fern tattoo with koru swirls


A few months ago I created a Maori fern tattoo design for a customer from New-Zealand, also named Aotearoa. The koru is the spiral shape of  a silver fern frond and it is a symbol of growth, strenght and peace. This symbol is used in a lot of Maori art, carving and tattoos.

My Kiwi customer from the Pacific Ocean asked me to design a tattoo to cover the full side of his body, from armpit to just above the hip. First I created a sketch with pencil for the rough outline of the fern. Then I added some repetitive leaves and koru shapes on the bottom. To add some more depth and 3d to the fern and arrow shapes, I added shadings to the leaves. The high resolution tattoo is optimized and the linedrawing or stencil is created for the customer. This linedrawing is used to transfer the outlines of this koru tatoo to the body.

Yesterday I received this photo of the final tattoo on the side of the customers body. It looks great!

If you are interested in a custom maori inspired tattoo or a silver fern design, please let me know and maybe I can help you out with a unique piece.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Some backpieces in progress by Nick Caruso

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