High resolution tattoos and Maori tatoo flash designs


I finished a few new shoulder tatoo designs yesterday, so I wanted to show you the finished pieces.
The first one is a shoulder design for a customer from Colombia. I had to adjust it multiple times before the customer was satisfied, but I finally had his approval and traced the pencil sketch with a fibre tip marker.
Here's one of the sketches and the completed high resolution tattoo design:

Shoulder tattoo mauri styletattoo flash design in mauri style

The second design is a Maori style shoulder tattoo, with some nice flowing curves, ferns and koru.
This tatoo has some nice fills, not too dense, a bit like the Robbie Williams tattoo.
Also again the first sketch and the high resolution final tattoo:

maori upper arm tattoo sketch in high resolutionyoutube maori tattoo shoulder design hand drawn

I made a video/tutorial on how I created this tatou design. You can see me tracing the image with a black marker. The youtube movie is on the righthand side of this article.

For information or comments, please e-mail me or put a comment on this article.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

drawing a maori-inspired tribal tattoo youtube video


As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm working on a video, so you can see me drawing and tracing one of my custom tattoo designs.
Today I finished my first (test)video and uploaded this tattoo drawing tutorial on youtube.com:

Any comments, questions, or things you wish to see, just let me know.


custom maori / kirituhi tattoo design by tatoo designer Mark Storm


I'm designing a large shoulder tattoo in Maori / Kirituhi style and would like to show you the pencil sketch I have so far.

It consists of a few large koru / fern , the national symbol of New-Zealand and the Kiwi people.

Just let me know what you think.

sketch maori tattoo pictures tatoo tribal

Custom Maori and tribal tattoo designs by Storm3d.com


I wanted to make a small gallery for you, so you can see the designs I have been working on for the last few months.
All tattoo designs are handdrawn by me, graphic tattoo designer Mark Storm.
Please note that all these images are unique and specially created for their owners and may not be copied or used by other people.
Simply click the tattoo and see how the design progressed.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

chest maori fern tattoosfinal cover up tattoo designforearm mauri design tatoosshoulder tatou mauri

forearm design with flowers in kirituhi tattoo style
high resolution tattoo designs

shoulder sketch tattoo mauri
high res tatoo maori design for the shoulder

polynesian tribal sleeve design shouldersleeve tribal tat2 images
Dwayne Johnson the rock shoulder tattoo design

surf style tattoo design

Robbie Williams tattoo design maorishoulder maori face tattoostribal tattoo mixed shoulder designmaori armband tattoo drawings

Finished shoulder piece


Here's the finished design of the shoulder tattoo I was working on last week.

shoulder sketch mauri tats

Between all the large custom sketches, I worked on a small and simple tat2 design. It's a symmetrical design with a tribal sun and maori ferns in it.

At the moment I have two more projects running. One is a half sleeve tattoo in the style of Sonny Bill Williams as I mentioned a few days ago. This one is in progress and some pictures will be posted soon.
The second is a sketch based on multiple of my designs and the fills are a bit like Robbie Williams maori tattoo design. It's a large design and here's a first impression.

I will get back in a few days, hopefully with some finished tattoos or with adjusted sketches and photos.

In the future I will try to post a small video on my blog where you can see me drawing and designing a maori tattoo.
For some suggestions or things you wish to see or learn in this video, please contact me.

Just let me know!

I recently discovered another blog of a great tattoo designer, Jun-San from Brazil. His website/blog is lifeunderzen.com.
Really simple, but great and creative designs, drawn on the skin and the sharpest lines I have ever seen.
Check his blog and be amazed!

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Maori armband tattoo drawing

Hi there,

I few weeks ago I mentioned a Maori / Kirituhi armband tattoo, but forgot to show you the finished result.

maori armband tattoo design

At the moment I'm working on medium size shoulder tattoo piece, which I had to adjust a few times before it was ready to be finalized.

I really like to use the white fern shapes and curles. The "negative space" is formed by the maori fills and triangles. In this design my customer wanted a simple fill with lines and some arrowheads on the lower side of the tattoo. First I used a complete row of overlapping arrows or spearheads, but that was a bit too much. In the final drawing you will see that I only used half this row, to give it a bit more spirit.

Here are the first three pencil sketches of this design:

shoulder tattoo arrows and spearheads sketcharrowhead tatoo design maorispearhead tattoo sketch tattoos

I will show you the finished result tomorrow, so please check back for more tattoo sketches, designs and other tat2 pictures in maori or tribal style on storm3d.com or this blog.

In the week ahead I'm working on a tattoo design, based on the shoulder tattoo design of Sonny Bill Williams, the rugby player. The customer wants a similar design, so I have to use pictures of Sonny Williams as a reference, and will not copy the actual design of course.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Half sleeve Maori tattoo


This summertime is a really busy time of the year for me. Lots of custom tattoo designs and sketches and also going on a holiday with my family.

At the moment I'm designing a large shoulder tattoo for a Dutch customer. It's in a Maori / Kirituhi tattoo style.

The first sketch was a bit off, It didn't exactly match the expectations of the customer.
Here's a small sketch of it:

custom maori tattoo designsIf you are interested in this sketch, just let me know and maybe I can finish it for you, so it's a unique piece.

The second sketch was almost exactly what it should be according to my client, so I only had to make minor changes to the tatoo design.

Below you see two photos of the design in progress and a few snapshots of me having traced half the design with a black marker.

tatoo maori custom designsmauri tattoo custom sleeve pictures

photos maori tattoo design images

tattoo photo design pictures

Finally you can see the finished flash design.

high resolution tat dezigns

Any comments? Just let me know.

Kind regards, Mark Storm